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Credit experiences

Credit experiences

The credit broker credit has been active in the financial market for 35 years and thus has appropriate contacts with many banks in Germany and abroad. For many consumers whose private credit checker is negatively informed, this is one more reason to get a private credit checker-free loan through credit.

Numerous customer testimonials on the company’s homepage testify to the seriousness of the provider. For example, Kirstin Ehlert writes in her credit experience that she found the uncomplicated and quick processing particularly great. Karina and Thorsten Jung report that they were advised very politely and quickly and that as promised they incurred no upfront costs. And Steffen Scholz tells in his credit experience that despite the fact that he was in a difficult financial situation, he got credit quickly and easily.

Credi works seriously and does not require any prepayment reimbursement for the creation of a loan offer. Interested customers can obtain loans at interest rates as low as 4.9 percent. In simple cases, the credit brokerage at Bon Kredit takes place within 24 hours, in difficult cases it may take a little longer, but the Bon Kredit staff always do everything they can to arrange a loan even in problematic cases. Bon Kredit works professionally, fairly and quickly.

Credit without private credit checker


Credit has been well received by all customers who are not considered creditworthy due to negative private credit checker entries at German banks. With credit, that alone is no reason not to broker a loan. Employees usually find a solution – but, fairly enough, give no guarantee that 100 percent of the loan can be arranged. This way, the inquiring customer knows from the start what to expect and what to expect.

Many customers who have had experience with receipt credit reports report that the promised fast processing time is kept, that there are no hidden costs or that other non-reputable practices are used.

Criticism of credit


Of course, there are also negative receipt credit experiences. Rocking Angus reports to that a loan of $ 3,500 was applied for at the beginning of January, and three days a letter came with the form of a loan application. The documents were sent out on the same day. After two more days, the applicant again received mail from a company called Boncred, stating, among other things, that documents were missing. Credit default insurance should also be taken out. Two weeks passed before a loan agreement came in from Boncred, noting that not all of the documents were complete. The loan applicant has signed everything, attached the requested documents and sent them back. The loan had not been paid out until the beginning of February.

However, it must be questioned whether after 4 weeks, as in the case of “Rocking Angus”, it can already be said that the loan agreement has not been concluded. They tried very hard to broker loans, it is very possible that this critic simply did not meet the requirements for loan approval or did not enclose all the necessary documents.

Conclusion about credit


The fact is that not every applicant has the prerequisites for a loan.

Credit tries to find as many applicants as possible, but unfortunately, this is not always possible.

It should be emphasized – and this makes credit clearly stand out from the competition – that even if the application is rejected, there are no costs