Leadership Tips — Fun In The Workplace
July 28, 2018

Instilling a great sense of team and self-worth in your employees does not have to cost an arm and a leg. This can be not only cost-effective but free! Nothing about building a team has to be fancy or expensive; in fact it can be more fun to get creative with a limited budget. The building of a team has gone through many studies and research phases in order to determine if it really does work. The conclusions were that yes, team building has a huge impact on the way that businesses are run and the way that people work together.

Sylvia Lafair: Initially I got a PhD in Psychology and studied with some of the most amazing people, and then as I made the transition into the workplace, I found mentors who were really thinking differently. Willis Harman who was the President of the Institute of Noetic Science in Sausalito, California was really instrumental. He told me to take my talents into the workplace. He wrote some beautiful books, and I would call him up every so often and say I don’t know about this and he would say keep going. That was really important to me.

They work in teams so it natural that they might offer escape room cooking classes. It would be fun to learn to work together and not on a work project but on a fun project called “lunch”. Cooking classes have been known to be great stress relievers because cooking can be calming. If you were in a team it would not work if people were raising their voices or trying to take over tasks because then things would not get completed and the food would not be cooked properly at the same time. It would become frustrating and defeat the purpose of the event.

What always needs to be kept in mind is the end result. To improve your communicative skills – as well as your teamwork and productivity skills – the next time an issue arises that could lead to an argument, strive to keep in mind the desired end result. Quietly listen to the other person’s viewpoint and try to refrain from pushing your opinion or agenda. See if you can compromise with the other person.

We looked at each other, eyeball to eyeball, for what seemed like a month but was maybe a minute, and then he finally said, “Okay, I haven’t seen my father in 25 years and I thought he was an absolute bastard.” I asked him why and he said, “He was self-serving, only thought about himself and caused lots of problems.” That was all, I didn’t say another word. Way later in the conversation, things settled down and we went back to business talk if you will. I asked him to tell me about this Roberta girl that drove him so crazy. And surprise, surprise, he said, “She’s self-serving, only thinks about herself and causes lots of problems.” I didn’t say anything to him then, but I think he was fighting a dual battle with the gal at work and with his father.

What about managing, motivating and getting the best out of our people? Do we really think that this management skill will simply come naturally? The fact is, for many in business, it is something which is given little thought at all.

Lead By Example – First and foremost it’s important to lead by example, which is hard for some, but crucial overall. You have to make sure that you’re leading by doing as often as possible. This transcend just giving lectures, rules, or advice, you have to do what it is you’re asking others to do and have a proven track record as proof. If you want to instruct someone else, you have to be an expert, it doesn’t work otherwise.

One advantage to corporate team building means you have a lower rater of turnover. This basically means you have less people leaving your employment to seek other positions. In turn this eliminates the high rate of training periods that are required for employees before they can start to become productive for your business.