Product Line Review – Kapenzo Equal Lace Wigs
August 10, 2018

Choosing a hair salon Houston can be a tricky task. Nothing is more precious than your hair. One wrong move and you will have a long wait until your hair recovers. That is why it is important that the place you choose is able to take care of your hair and provide you with the best results. There are a number of things that you may need done, and the right hair salon Houston will ensure that they get done just as they should.

Malaysian hair is naturally straight with a slight bend or wave. When the hair is wet is waves slightly. The hair density is thicker than Indian, but not quite as thick as Chinese hair. Although the hair is thicker, it is light-weight, fluffy and has good body. Malaysian hair has a straighter texture and is not as shiny as Indian. The hair is softer than Indian hair. The hair holds body wave curls very well. Malaysian hair texture can be used for all ethnic textures. It is an excellent substitute for European hair. The hair also creates a nice, smooth African American Hair relaxed hair texture. Malaysian hair is more expensive than Indian or Chinese hair.

The above mentioned features for the Indian Remy Human Hair have led to the increase in their demand. They can be the loose curl, straight, slight body wave and the list keeps on increasing. In other words, it can be said that there are wide range of choices when it comes to the selection of Indian Remy Human Hair. So, if you think that your hairs are going through the bad days then this is the best option which you can opt for. But, you have to understand that there is the difference between Remy Hair and the human hair.

When you exercise, preserve your hair out of the way in a ponytail, if feasible. If you swim, put on a swimming cap, preferably one particular manufactured of latex, as chlorine or salt drinking water are not great for extensions.

Now let’s move on to Indian Remy human hair wigs. When we say that a hair piece is made of Remy hair, it means that its cuticles are intact. The advantage of having these cuticles around is that the natural shine of the hair is maintained and the hair itself is protected. The more expensive ones have unidirectional cuticles which free the hair from tangles. You can find these products either in single drawn or double drawn strands. It has been said that the double drawn one is more expensive than the other type.

Regular shampooing, conditioning, and deep conditioning are also recommended every 7 to 10 days. A salon professional or stylist can also help you out when in doubt of products and techniques to use. YouTube is also a great way to find care and styling tips.

Europe – Hair that is called European hair does not necessarily come from Europe. It is a name for hair with a similar fine texture such as; Indian, Latin American, Ukrainian, or Moldavian hair, the only exemptions are Asian/Chinese hair, (Chinese can be stripped down to mimic the fineness of European but it is of extremely low quality). There is one thing you can be sure of; the European hair you purchase will not be coming from a rich European country, only the poorer countries have a hair market.

If you plan on getting fusion or micro linking done, it’s always best to talk to your stylist to see how much they think you might need! This type of hair is a little more on the expensive side, but once you feel it and see it up close and personal, you will begin to understand why – above all, if the Europeans, Brazilians and Italians can try to pass this hair off as being their own instead of Indian hair, one has to think that it must be pretty darn amazing!