Removing Crown Molding From Your Home
August 10, 2018

Refer to this list often and become passionate about each and every goal. Set your sights on achieving these goals and don’t let anyone talk you out of them.

The best time to fix a frozen water pipe is before it happens. That is, a proper plumbing inspection should be done before the arctic weather actually arrives. The October through November time frame is usually appropriate, but again, it depends on latitude. This is part of the home winterizing schedule.

Other products for very exposed areas are UL-listed “heat tape”, and “heat cable”. The local hardware store should stock products suitable for local use.

Assemble the list of tools above (pry bar or “cat’s claw”, stud finder and a wedge or small board to put between molding and wall). Put on safety glasses if you intend to use those. Now, use the stud finder to determine each stud in the wall under the crown molding. Using the pry bar, gently work the crown molding loose from the wall. You may need to use a hammer to get the bar to go more deeply under the molding. You may also need to score the wallpaper and edges of the molding with a utility knife.

Allow the mud to dry. Dry time is highly influenced by type and brand of compound, thickness and amount of mud application, as well as ambient temperature and humidity of the room. If you want to accelerate dry time, grab a hair dryer to dry the area (as seen in this picture of my craftsman Drew).

In this article I want to reveal how small Bixby Home Repair jobs can mean big profits for you. I am talking about making $350 to $500 on average for just 7 – 10 hours of work. Each job is different of course and may turn out to be just a $200 repair or maybe a $1,500 repair.

Apply a drywall, paint mixture using a three-eights or half-ince inch roller nap. The mixture should have a consistency similar to pancake batter. Usually 10 parts drywall, one to two parts paint.

Now that problem spots have been identified, think of better precautions to take in the future. Install more insulation? More heat in the area? Relocate the lines? Think creatively and think outside the box.